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Company News >> Indian customer Mr. Shahs vistied Yason machinery and confirmed order

 On Jan.8th,2017,Indian customer Mr Shahs visited our factory.Before their visit,we have kept in touch for two years,and we received samples for trial on our flip off cap assembly machine.For this visit,they mainly came to watch demonstration of our machine and confirm the business relationship with us.In the factory,they watched the demonstration of our LS-4  and LS-5 flip off cap assembly machine for six bridges type and flower type,aslo 20mm flip off aluminum seal bending machine,which is used for combing flower type flip off cap,flip off cap inspection machine etc.After the demonstration,they are satisfied with our machine,and confirmed the order for one set flip off cap assembly machine and one set aluminum seal bending machine.They said this is a start for our business,we will keep long business relationsip in future.Thank you so much for so many customers' trust on our company and on our machines.

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