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 Yason machinery will attend CPHI Shanghai during June 20th to 22th of 2018,on the exhibition,we will exhibit our three newest machines as following:
 On May 8th,2018,One of Yason machinery's New Indian customer visited us,they come with 20mm flip off cap samples and test run the samples on our machine.After... More>>
 On Feb.28th,Bangladesh customers visited our factory.They mainly came to inspect the machine that they ordered for rubber fitting machine,after careful inspection,they were very satisfied with o... More>>
 On Jan.8th,2017,Indian customer Mr Shahs visited our factory.Before their visit,we have kept in touch for two years,and we rece... More>>
 On Mar.4th,2016,India customer Mr Yogesh and their engineer visited our factory.During their visit,we showed kinds of caps samp... More>>
 On Dec.29th,2015,Pakistan Customer Mr Abid visited our factory and watched demonstration of our LS-4 flip off cap assembly mach... More>>
 October 27th,2015,Indian customer Mr Kurlekars visited our factory,they are planing to build a new production line for the vial... More>>
September 15th,2015,India customer Mr Hamid visited Yason machinery,they are manufacturer for blood collection tube in India.He got t... More>>
On August 26,Japan customer Mr Hisa from  More>>
 Yason machinery has successfully finished the API China exhibition.During the exhibition,Ukraine customer visited our booth,the... More>>
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